How To Make A Snowman Jar: Inspired By The Best Snowman Books Ever!


There's something magical about snow, don't you think?  There's a wonderful fresh smell in the air, the world gets quiet and everywhere you look it's white and sparkling.  And the very best thing of can build a snowman.  A new friend for the day who's round and nice, perfect for hugging and wearing your old hat, mittens and scarf.  

If you want to read some wonderful books about snowmen, check out Caralyn and Mark Buehner's Snowmen at Night, Snowmen at Play and Snowmen at Work .  The stories are fun and silly and the illustrations are wonderful. And when you're finished reading, why not make your own snowman who never melts! 



  • Tape
  • Red pom-poms (as many as you want or as few as one)
  • Two small black buttons
  • Two medium sized black buttons
  • Orange felt
  • One black pipe cleaner
  • Stuffing (found in any fabric or craft store)
  • A glass jar (not shown)


  • Glue gun
  • Scissors 



To prepare for this project, you may want to have the pipe cleaner cut in half, or the small orange felt triangle cut out as well. Other than that, plug in the glue gun and get going!


1. To begin this project, fill the jar to the top with your white stuffing. Be sure to tightly close the lid of the jar once it is filled.

2. Next, glue or tape the two button eyes on to the bare side of the jar (Depending on the jar, some have glass letters on one side. Obviously, choose the bare side to make the front of the snowman). I first used tape but then realized glue would make it stick for longer. It’s really up to the crafter.

3. Next, cut out the small triangle from orange felt for the “nose”.

4. Now, cut the pipe cleaner in half for the “arms” of the snowman.

5. Glue all these parts on to the glass jar. You may find that even half a pipe cleaner is too long for arms. I personally trimmed the pipe cleaner once it was glued on to the jar. Glue the two larger buttons in the center of the jar as shown in the image. This is a somewhat classic look for a snowman.

6. For the finishing touches, glue as many red pom-poms as you wish to the cover of the jar to create a “hat” for the snowman. I originally thought I would only use one pom-pom, but I ended up liking the look of lots of pom-poms created a big, goofy hat for the snowman. After all, if it were a real snowman outside, it would probably be wearing one of your hats! Now your very own “Frosty” snowman is complete!