Our Story

Storytime Toys is a toy design and manufacturing company that came to life in 2012 when engineer/product designer Kara Dyer hatched an idea for playset that would be a lot more dynamic than what was already out there – an easy-to-assemble dollhouse playset that combined three things her daughter and a lot of young kids love: reading, building and creative play. Inspired, Kara drew up plans and partnered with her friend, artist Sara Argue, to create colorful, unique toys that would engage kids’ imaginations and minds in the following ways:

They Encourage Literacy!

Each Storytime Toys fairytale playset is based on a classic children’s story that comes with the set. As parents and children read the story, kids can act it out via pretend play with their toy houses. The books come to life, making reading more fun, interactive and exciting, all of which encourages early literacy development.

 They Promote Creativity and Imagination!

Storytime’s playsets are designed to inspire free play, so kids’ imaginations and creativity are fully engaged as they improve literacy skills, build and interact. Not only is imaginative play fun for young children – it’s proven to be a fantastic way to learn.

They Develop Building Skills!

Storytime Toys’ playsets, designed as building toys for girls and boys, help children feel a huge sense of accomplishment as they put together something beautiful and functional. Kids exercise dexterity, reasoning and imagination as they assemble the playsets and take them apart again and again.

By connecting reading to building, storytelling, imagining, interacting, playing, being silly and being inventive, Storytime Toys' playsets are strengthening kids’ desire to read and helping them feel smart, creative and capable. Here’s how Kara and Sara created A Toy House That’s “Just Right.”