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  • I bought the Goldilocks set for my preschool classroom. You could have heard a pin drop when I read the story using the house and props. My students were enthralled! I love it so much I bought the Three Little Pigs set too. Worth every penny! 

    Tabitha, Preschool Teacher

  • My son is four, and he is also Autistic. This is the first toy that he actually has sat down and played with more than once. He loves it! He can play by himself, but now he is starting to interact with others and have other people play with him. Best toy I have ever bought! 

    Amanda, Mother of four-year-old

  • My 3 1/2 year olds are so fascinated with the story of the Three Little Pigs, so I got this set for them. They had a blast with it. Being able to act out assorted versions is pleasing them no end. We've had one story where they all became friends and one where the wolf succeeded in blowing down the brick house today, as well as the traditional version.They liked the book, too, and enjoyed showing the wolf himself in the pictures!

    J. Stanfield, Mother of 3.5-year-old twins

  • I had to get a three little pig play set for my grandson. I looked at the product and the reviews and decided this was the one. It was a hit from the moment he opened the box. We had it assembled in five minutes and proceeded to "play" Three Little Pigs. He is four and can put the houses together by himself, so it makes the product very useful and he can play whenever he wants. It is active, imaginative play for the little ones. 

    Fran, Grandmother