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Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Book & Toy Playset

Build Mama, Papa and Baby Bear a forest tree house, with a working swing and a tree fort for Baby Bear. Each bear has its own bowl of porridge, chair and bed – just like in the story! Read the included storybook and then use the Mama, Papa and Baby Bear dolls to act out your own version of the tale.

Made of premium baby/yoga mat foam and high quality card stock, the house and furniture pieces fit snuggly together like a 3-D puzzle and fold flat in a portable carrying case conveniently designed to fit on your bookshelf. Assembling the house and furniture is as easy as pressing tabs into place. No tools or screws required.  

Includes: Three Bears House with working swing, tree fort and pond, Three Bowls of Porridge, Three Chairs, Three Beds, Three Bears, Goldilocks, Storybook and Carrying Case
Material: Made from EVA foam and card-stock.
Ages: Best for children ages 3+
Warning: (Not for children under 3 – choking hazard)

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It’s more than a book and more than a toy. It’s an interactive activity in every box that develops fine motor skills, literacy, imagination, role play, creative problem solving - and is a fun-based educational tool for kids, especially children with special learning needs and Autism. 


Magic and Wonder

I never write reviews but I need to say that this is an amazing toy. To begin with, the colors and artwork are original, vibrant and outright magical. There are all sorts of fun details that make the house more interesting than most toy houses. I love that the set comes with furniture and little dolls. It has a wonderful old fashion feel to it. My three year old daughter literally will play with this for hours. In fact, she was (uncharacteristically) crying tonight when she had to put her house away for bedtime. This is not your run of the mill toy. This is something special. The house is sturdy, although it is made of a hard foam, so possibly not as durable as plastic. My daughter has had hers for a month and not run into any problems. Also the book that comes with it is more like a pamphlet. Basically, it is some paper that is stapled. The story is cute though, and we like to read it. I have already bought another set and am planning on giving it to my daughter for Christmas. I will get the final house for her birthday. Honestly, this is one of the best toys I have ever seen. Highly recommend.


Durable, great quality, and so imaginative!

My kids love this toy. For those wondering about materials - it's made with a very strong, sturdy sort of foam, not wood. This stuff can take some serious abuse - we've had one of the other Storytime houses for two years and it still looks like new.The house itself is also very sturdy once it's put together. My kids have dropped it off the table onto the floor and it held up fine.What I love about it is that it's a beautiful dollhouse for the kids to enjoy--the artwork is really gorgeous--but packs up so easily so it's not constantly taking up space in the house. Heck, we can even bring it with us over to friends' houses for them to have something to play with while they're there.I also found it easy to put together - it takes me about thirty seconds to set it up. I'm sure older children (mine are 1.5 and 4) would be able to do it themselves without any trouble.I don't know if it's the artwork, or the fun of putting it all together, but this house just really seems to engage my daughter's imagination. She'll use other toys of hers in there along the with the ones that came with the package, make up whole stories about what everyone is doing in there... just the kind of imaginative, inventive play you want to see your child engaging in (and that seems to be harder and harder to come by these day).Overall, I highly recommend it!

Jacquelyn Benson

Very sweet and very well contructed

This toy is very well made and the graphics are adorable. My Granddaughter plays with it more as a puzzle and really loves the challenge. It was easy to put together and I feel was well worth the price. This is a toy that will last for a good long time and has multiple play applications.


Beautiful, educational toy, perfect for holiday gift

This is a beautiful, well- thought out, fun toy. Goldilocks and the Three Bears is my three year old daughter's favorite. (We have all three sets available from Storytime Toys) This house is the most complicated to build of the three, but the most fun since there are two floors. And it's so fun building the beds and chairs, and they are perfect size for little hands. And Goldilocks is so beautiful and innocent looking, not like those Disney princesses… My daughter plays with this house every day. I am just so impressed by this toy. It is so well built, and its educational value is so tremendous- I wish there are more toys like this in the market. It helps with dexterity, imagination and vocabulary, and even the concept of clean-up and putting things all back in the box and 'taking care of my things.' I am getting bunch of these houses as Christmas gifts for little kiddos this holiday season.


I'm IN LOVE with this playset

I'm IN LOVE with this playset. Everything is hand drawn and matches the illustrations in the book. The story is true to the three bears tale.its not too short nor is it too long of a story. It takes about 10-15 minutes to put together. I liked assembling it, it was fun..! My daughter*age 4.. Loves playing with the little house as I read which is the perfect concept for a story time activity. It brought us together as a family:) I FULLY recommend this and will purchase as a gift for someone soon!

Mike and Laura

LOVE this set and so does my grand daughter!!

My grand daughter is autistic, and one of her "stims" is goldilocks (the story, and toys related). I searched and searched for a play set that would let her read and act out the book. this works so perfectly!! she truly adores this, thank you so much, it is very well made, very detailed (my grand daughter informed me I had put the table in the "wrong room Gramma, that's for the chairs!" lol). just so happy I found this, thank you!!


Beautiful toy.

This was by far the biggest hit with my 5 year old grandaughter , She plays with it for hours and hours , Now 6 months, Beautiful toy.

L barb

My children loved this. It brought reality to the story

I teach Head Start. My children loved this. It brought reality to the story. They had to think outside the box and rebuild the house. Hours of play and learning! Thank you so much!

Tracy Halverson

Kristen d

We love this toy!! It is gorgeous and super sweet. The design is ingenious; pieces that assemble and come apart for storage. Putting it together is a great activity! The pieces are beautiful to look at. I love the outside of the house with its watercolor and ink drawn cottage garden. It's a great toy for role playing and open ended play. My kids play with it a ton! As well as the other toys in this line. We really like the grocery store as well.


They LOVE them and it so easy for them to put ...

Both my children received these toys as gifts, all THREE! They LOVE them and it so easy for them to put together, including my 4 year old. I love that they can use their imagination and the books are perfect. It is easy to take apart and store (love the boxes)!

Amazon Customer

This is such a sweet toy. Bought for my son's 4th birthday

This is such a sweet toy. Bought for my son's 4th birthday, hoping it would be a hit for both him and his 6 year old sister...and it is! They've played with it almost every day for the last two weeks, and love re-telling the story, or incorporating with other favorite toys. Great size and quality - we have a minimalist home with mostly wooden toys...this fits right in. Love it!