Beyond Kumbaya - Six Campfire Songs to Share with Today’s Preschoolers

Camping with three year olds can be tough. They’re too excited to sleep, but too cranky to stay up till dark. And any normal bedtime routine is of course, destroyed. 

Campfire songs are one way to establish a camping bedtime tradition that feels special while helping calm the little ones down. But who wants songs they’ve already heard before?  Here’s a few suggestions of campfire songs that might not be in your regular repertoire but just might fit the bill. One verse and the chorus are more than enough if you don’t feel like learning the whole thing. 

Lean On Me. A great sing along that most of the other adults in your party will know (at least the chorus) or can fake.

Home on the Range. Sure, you may have taught them the chorus of this American cowboy anthem. But have you tried the verses? Here’s the whole thing.

Why, Oh Why. A Woody Guthrie favorite that’s been covered many times, including by kid indie fav Elizabeth Mitchell. Now it can be your turn.

Lavendar’s Blue. A classic before it got mangled in the recent version of Cinderella, this simple lullaby is worth revisiting.

Ob la di, Ob la da. Teach them about the Beatles with this fun to sing chorus about a loving family.

Taps. End your evening and your camping tradition with the military (and scouting) classic. No need for a bugle, but if you’ve got one, of course, feel free.


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