Mother and writer

Margaret grew up the daughter of a first grade teacher, which gave her an exhaustive store of children's songs and a love of reading. Originally from the Mitten State, she spent time in Washington, DC, Connecticut and as a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa before settling in San Francisco with her three year old daughter, her husband and two cuddly cats. 

Margaret loves toys, is obsessed with bento-style lunches and obsessively researches evidence-based tips and tricks that make parenting easier. Her professional work involves storytelling for non-profits and socially responsible companies and she loves translating those skills to help connect with her daughter as well. Having spent a good part of her career working for environmental non-profits, she also thinks a lot about how to lighten her family's footprint. She writes on Storytime Toy's blog about her toy, parenting, lunchbox and imagination finds.