Stories leap off the page right into kids’ hands.
Original stories and fairytale favorites provide the perfect inspiration for kids’ imaginations to run wild as they build and play in our miniature storybook worlds.

Building is easy and fun for kids with our smart, well-constructed designs.

Our sets’ pieces easily snap together with tabs that press into place, so even young kids can assemble them by themselves. No tools, glue or screws are necessary, which means no fuss and no mess!

Everything children need to read, build and play comes in one box...

Our all-inclusive playsets have everything kids need to bring classic fairytales to life – a beautifully illustrated picture book and a building set to create a miniature storybook world. No batteries, glue or tools are needed for the fun to begin. 

...and that box is easy to store and carry!

Unlike a lot of building toys and dollhouses that permanently take up a lot of space, our storybook worlds easily come apart and store flat in a carrying case that can go from bookshelf to car to play date with ease.